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You want to give me only 13 hours out of the 16 I am required to work per union rules?? well guess what?? I think I am going to "help myself" to moure hours!!! I got things to pay for just like the rest of you; I have to pay for my cell phone bill, pay for my own internet connection, get some Christmas shopping done etc...You can't really pay for shit if you are given 13 hours in which to work. If you guys want to screw me over at work....I can screw you over too!!! If you are that short on hours I have a PERFECTLY WONDERFUL soution for your dillema...the solution is...*drum roll*....QUIT FUCKING HIRING NEW PEOPLE AND QUIT SPENDING SHITLOADS OF MONEY ON FUCKING WACK COMMERCIALS THAT MAKE DOGSHIT LOOK GOOD!!!

Tomorrow my cousin and I are going to Great America for full day on the rides and whatnot then later on in the evening we are going to the Halloween Haunt they have there. My cousin won 2 free tickets from Great America's facebook page (he wrote a scary/funny situation that happened last year with me and a clown chasing my ass. (what is it with clowns and their obsession with chasing after me?) Any ways he won the tickets so alls we gotta do is pay for a meal ticket and wait until the park opens. I'm guessing that the clowns will run off my meal I am planning to eat. Believe me those fuckers run FAST! But I am faster. I wore run clown out by running from him and he told my cousin that I outran him and tired him out. Below is one of the guys that was chasing after me. We had just finished eating dinner in the park (we ate in a special area just for haunt goers) and I barely had swallowed my last piece of food when he started chasing after me laughing like a hyena and honking his horn.

can't wait for tomorrow. I bet I can outrun them again!!

going to Great America for a full day and then Halloween Haunt afterwards!!!

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vid i made whilst bored

2009-09-19 23:44:50 by cATbYtE

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something I did out of sheer boredom. 2 sim chicks fighting over who knows what...

found $50 in parking lot at work

2009-09-09 15:10:26 by cATbYtE

Just found $50 in the parking lot at work!!! Found it yesterday when I was bringing in some carts from the parking lot. I know its policy to turn shit like that in but you know what...FUCK IT!! I put that shit in my pocket and now Im at least $50 richer than I was. Im ALWAYS finding shit like that. (well maybe not $50 bills all the time but I do find an occasional $1 to $5 laying around...and people are ALWAYS leaving change in the coin dispenser, Coinstar machine, and the copy machine at work. One time I even found 2 of those gold dollar coins sitting in the tray on the side of the counters where you set your groceries. The tray serves as a "catch all" for garbage, dust, and lost coins.