Entry #15

Free lunches!!!

2010-07-10 14:53:48 by cATbYtE

I have found a way to get FREE lunches where I work!!! I go " dumpster diving" when I throw out trash and found quite a few free sandwich coupons that were still valid!!!! Hey it beats paying 4.99 for a free sandwich!!! Wanna know how it's done??? P.M. Me!!


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2011-06-15 21:33:32

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2015-01-25 03:12:04

You still work at that place? I used to get all kinds of stuff when I worked for a mall - garbage bags full of Roy Roger's burgers, cookies, in store VHS advertisement/employee training tapes, books, magazines. Never charged anyone for the stuff I scaved

cATbYtE responds:

Yep.. But now we stopped doing free sandwich coupons. If we have any left, we are to rip them to pieces. Now everything is done online. So free sandwiches are given to random people.