Spammers fucking piss me off!!

2009-11-25 00:08:20 by cATbYtE

I fucking hate it when people flood the newgrounds bbs forums with stupid shit... nobody gives a flying fuck how it feels to piss, the biggest shit you took etc...If you want to post that kind of shit it should be placed on the ng user's pgae...I admit I was no saint either but after being banned a few times for posting in spam threads I have learned my lesson.....I mean its not hard to tell if the thread is a spam thread that can and will get the user banned...alll one needs to do is read the thread and use judgement if its spam or not. Most of the topics seem ok for the most part however there are some days that I will sign in to look at the forums and if I see topics that seem "spammy" then either I will just rate flashes, or wait until the next day where there are new topics on the bbs...if there is to be spamming then why don't the moderators allow a spam only thread as a trial and have the people who wish to spam post in that forum and that forums alone with out the risk of being banned.


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2009-11-26 18:26:14