Toy Factory

2009-11-18 17:37:10 by cATbYtE

This story is about a certain Toy Factory that isn't what is seems.

*contains Mild language and graphic content*

The building had been abandoned for some time now before they moved in. The building was large and vacant but would suit thier needs quite nicely. It wasn't long before they started setting up and had things into position. Soon the factory was running like new....even the building's dirty exterior had a new cheerful paintjob. Higher up on the large factory the words Toy Factory in child like block letters were arranged in a goofy fashion. Two working gears one by the T in Toy and one by the Y at the end of Factory spun in slow unison. Inside the workers toiled enlessly making sure everything was in working order. The owner of the factory stepped outside to briefly examine the work done. He smiled a crooked smile. "Soon we will be able to get the children in here..." He cackled to himself. Oh, the children would come alright....he would invite any age to come really. It didn't matter....but what the factory was geared to was children. The owner looked like a tall lanky version of the Mr. MoneyBags guy one will find on the Monopoly games. He knew how he would get people into his factory it would be quite easy to do being as he considered most people stupid and would do damn near anything if it were free. He ran the plan through his head several times:

1.Invite as many children as he saw in for free. He would do this personally being as parents tended to throw things away if written on paper.

2. Tell them it was FREE of course. and there were no could break anything (which was true...he didn't care if his things got broken....he hasn't cared for centuries before he settled here and he doesn't care now.) You could do anything from writting on walls, running in halls, screaming, eating loads of candy, anything.

3. Entice them with all the latest toys....from Pokemon down to the latest electronic game systems.

4. If the parents wished to come...he would grudgingly allow use in arising suspicion by saying only children...he did not need the parents of said child to making false assumtions that he was a pedophille (despite him being pure evil, he hated pedophilles above all else)

MoneyBaggs went back into his factory. "is everything ready?" He asked one of his many employees. "Yes sir. We will have things up and running soon. We need to make a few more adjustments and we will be ready to go." The cheerfull emplyee giggled. Moneybaggs grimiced. He wasn't too sure of his newest employee. He was way too cheerful. The emloyee who was Marrionette (named for what he actually looked like) had only been with his employer for a few short months...had been driven insane by Moneybaggs and his most trusted employee The Engineer. Marrionette was tall and lanky and was around 10 years of age if he were still human. His real name was Derrick but because of the treatments and modifications he had recieved he had forgotten his name and even most of the memories of his parents were long gone. He had some flashbacks but Moneybaggs had passed them off as repressed memories. Nothing more. Marrionette returned to his station to continue his touch ups when a brief flashback occured.


Derrick aged 10 years had heared the music playing outside. He had been grounded by his parents for running in the house when he shouldn't have and wasn't supposed to go outside for the entire week. In Derricks opinion they were way to strict. He was 10 years after all....he did what 10 year old children normally did at that age. He carefully snuck out of his bedroom window and headed towards that gleeful music. He figured he would just check out what it was and be back before his parents ever knew he was gone. Little did he know that would be the last time his parents ever saw him or he them. Derrick found the source of the music and headed into the building. He saw all kinds of toys...some he never even heared of or seen in his life...Dolls, cars, trucks, pokemon figures and other new toys lined the shelves. That was when he met Moneybaggs for the first time. "How are you doing young Derrick?" he asked in a cheerful voice. Derrick spun around frightened. "I see...." Moenybaggs smiled gently. "I understand son. You want to try my line of toys...well...go ahead. In my factory you can do whatever you please. Write on walls, run in the halls, eat candy until you puke, break things, break toys, I don't mind...its all up to you." Derrick could not believe his ears. "You mean I can bust doll? He threw the toy on the ground and it shattered. Moneybaggs laughed and thew down another doll that shattered as well. "Its all free whatever you like." With that Moneybaggs left Derrick to his own devices. Derrick was overjoyed. This guy was odd but at least he understood what 10 year olds liked to do. He didn't want to ever leave.

Derrick continued his fun of playing with the toys and eating all the candy he could stomach. All he had to do was ask and whatever toy or candy he wanted was given to him. After a while though he began to get tired and thought it was best to go home. He would come back tomorrow and play with the toys and his new friend Moneybaggs. Afterall, his parents were probrably worried sick. Derrick looked at the toys surrounding him and they looked a Almost as if they were once alive and something else. One doll he had been playing with...the one called Tammi looked familiar to him. It sort of had a sad and scared look in its glassy eyes as it gazed back at him...almost as if it was pleading for him to run away. He pushed this all aside...they were just toys. Derrick went to look for the exit and found he couldn't find it. "Hey Moneybaggs..." Derrick called. The lanky man appeared out of nowhere. "I wanna go home. My parents are worried sick. Its late." Derrick whined. Suddenly Moneybaggs didn't seem so cheerful anymore. He had a dark sinister look to his eyes. "You can't ever leave Derrick. You are going to stay here forever..." Derrick screamed and ran. He had gotten so far when something slammed into him and he felt something warm spray out from his chest. He looked down in dazed wonder and found that he had a huge gaping hole in his chest. Someone had blown him wide open. Warm blood gushed from his body as he was dragged away leaving a trail of intestine in its wake. He was placed on the operating table and underwent a series of modifications to turn him into a marrionette...(his favorite toy). The modifications changed his frame of thinking....his last thought was of his parents and he thought he heared his heartbroken parents calling his name...before he blacked out. A month later his parents and authorities gave up the search knowing he was dead and gone. (they had found his torn bloody clothing...a distraction devised by the maniacal Moneybaggs to throw parents off the trail.)

Marrionette shook his head. "Parents? What are parents? Do I have parents...where are they?" He thought. He quickly pushed that thought out of his mind. He did not need to be punished again. Punishments were painful and were administered by The Engineer. All though all he did was maintenence work, he felt a bit sad at times. He had no real frineds. The Dolls were usually sitting by themselves or talking amongst themselves. The closest thing to a "friend" he had was a live action doll named Nurse. He guessed she was pretty enough but odd. Sometimes she spoke to him but seemed distant when he asked her too many questions. Nurse seemed to like him ok...she was the one that helped him recover when he was created. But she was weird...she had this slightly annoying laugh and sometimes all she did was stare at him with morbid curiosity and freaked him out she was doing now. He shook his head. "Dolls." He thought to himself. Moneybaggs appeared out of nowhere again. "Marrionette, Nurse go see The Engineer. Now." Marrionette cringed inwardly. He hated The Engineer. If Nurse had any dislike towards that thing she never showed it. She walked along side him quietly. "He's probrably gonna hurt me again." Marrionette stated. Nurse walked along side him. "If he does you probrably brought it on and your thinking instead of getting things done." She replied almost sadly. In truth, Nuse actually was quite fond of Marrionette (he was the only one out of the dolls that didn't tease or try and pick a fight with her) and she didn't want to see him punished without good cause. However Moneybaggs for some reason he thought it was rather amusing to see how Nurse would react to see her "friend" hurt.

Before Marrionette could ask what was going on...The Engineer, who was a horrid vicious brute raised one clubbed hand and slammed it straight into Marrionett's skull. It made a horrid crunching sound and Nurse who was careful to hide her emotions fought hard to keep running to help him. If she did she knew it would only make it worse. She watched with emotionless eyes. The Engineer rose Marrionette to his feet. "You havn''t leaned yet have you?" He hissed in an evil voice. His snarling face which looked like a cross between an angry bear and a lion was inches from his face. "Think on your own time!" He roared as he repaired Marrionette's ruined skull. "Now head to recovery and think about what I told you!" He snarled. The Engineer turned to the nurse and in a voice just as evil he growled. "Make sure your "friend" recovers. You seem to care a bit too much for him would be "tragic" if you lost him." He laughed a cruel heartless laugh. Nurse just nodded and helped Marrionette to his recovery station. Although he was dazed he thought he heared something he never heared her do before in his entire life. Was she crying?

At around 12 o'clock noon the following week two more younger children came near the factory. They had met Moneybaggs personally and he promised them that they could do anything they wanted with the toys in there. One boy named Chet was around 12 years old...his thing was remote control cars and bikes. He found quite a bit of that in the factory. The other boy was Jake. He was 10 and he loved Pokemon and GI Joe action figures. The two were led down a dark hall to some rooms. One of the rooms was "Test Subject Area...enter with caution. Jake had wanted to ask what was in there but was told that it was a "Super Duper Secret Room" that even Moneybaggs himself didn't know what was going on in there...and HE owned the factory. In reality it was a horrid room where newly created toys were kept in a clear plexiglass confinement and observed with children. How they would react to a child....more often the toys ripped through the children like meat shredding them into unrecgonziable chunks of bloody flesh. One child was in there now and he was trying his best to avoid being torn to pices from a "stuffed" lion aptly named "Loving Lion." The toy stalked the child slowly considering this child with its black glass eyes. It leapt for the child's stomach tearing bloody crevices in his belly spilling out intestines. The child fell to the floor groaning as the toy paced around and then grabbed at one of the intestines and batted it around like a cat toy. It came around again and grabbed the child's face in its jaws and crunched down shattering the jaw in one quick bite. By now the child was quite dead. Toys that were recently created were kept in the obervation room with "test children" to see how they would react. If a toy showed brutal vicious tendacies they were trained in a certain job position. If they showed friendlieness and kindness then they were retarained in brutal ways. If they still showen kindness they were killed. Overly brtual toys that refused to yield to auhority were also killed. Nurse had to go through a similar experience and even though at first she despised killing....they eventually trained it out of her system. She no longer cared much for the living even though she would not kill unless ordered to do so or unless she was provoked. And although she cared for Marrionette she would kill him too if ordered to do so.

Moenybaggs was pleased at the lion's vicious tendacy. The remains of the child could be used to create a new toy. The next room Chet passed on his tour was "Bad Child Repair" which was the repair room for damaged body parts that had been mangled. The parts were fixed so that they could be made useful to the new toy. Next to that room was Scraps. These parts were damaged beyond repair. Even The Engineer himself could not work miracles. Scraps were usually worked into twisted board games some how. One game in the works was known as Twisted. It had several options that one could use. Usually the victim (depending on Moneybagg's mood) was allowed to spin the wheel. The choices were as follows:

1. Brain Hemmorage: The victim suffered a massive non-lethal blow to the head. When the person recovered they would suffer and unending massive headache followed by vomiting. The person would bleed out the ears and finally just pass out. Death was enevitalbe.

2. Flies in Stomach: The victim was put to sleep and fly maggots were injected into the stomach. The larvae would grow and within a few hours they would burst from the victim's stomch in a brilliant display of blood and gore. Just before the explosion the person would have stomach pains just before vomiting blood then Kerplow!!

3. Decapitation: a simple amputation of a given limb. The victim is then left to bleed out or "hap-hazardly" mended. Infection almost always set in and the victim dies.

4. Bloody nose: The victim is punched in the nose hard enough to shatter the entire nose. They bleed to death where their nose once was.

there were others being worked into the new game. One of Moneybagg's favorites was "Freedom" if the victim managed to get this Moenybaggs set them free. They left the factory to return to their parents and were welcome to tell them about all the secrets. However what he didn't tell them was that he had one of his toys lying in wait in a certain area. The victim was caught and torn apart...remains broght back to the factory. Yes...they left the factory alive. However Moneybaggs said nothing about not having them killed once they were OUTSIDE the factory.

Chet entered a room called the taste testing room. Here on a table was some of his favorite candies. "You can eat all you want here....thsee are nummy for the tummy." Marrionette stated cheerfully. Chet stared at Marrionette. "You are freaky....what the hell were your folks thinking?" Chet inquired. Marrionette paused for a moment. "Don't have parents. Never did." He stated simply believing them to be true. Inside the next room Nusre was performing an operation on a very unwilling Jake. She was told he was"sick" and needed an operation right away. Currently she was "out" of sleeping gas. Plus she stated to the crying child that she liked to talk to people she was working on. She made a fine incision on Jake's chest pulling back the first layer of skin. "You're yelling. I can't understand yelling." Nurse said in an emotionless but soft voice. Then she giggled. "Hey is your heart shaped like a valentine heart? I want to give a heart to my friend." Nurse giggled insanely. She cut a bit deeper and Jake's screams of pain lowerd themelves to whimpers. She broke through the chest cacity and ripped out his heart. "This don't look like a valentine heart. It looks like bloody Ka-ka." Nurse giggled again and raced off to find Marrionette. He would like this.....

Chet never heared the frantic screams of his friend because the room he and the nurse were in was soundproof. He was busy stuffing his face with treats. Marrionette grinned to himself. As a reward for doing well he would be allowed to see the new Twisted game in action. The new tester? Chet. Nurse found Marrionette hanging around Chet and motioned him to her. Marrionette bounded towards her happily. "Does this look like ka-ka?" she giggled. Marrionette cringed. Nurse was having one of her "moments of insanity" He would have to be careful on how he answered her. One time he didn't answer her in the right way and she damn near killed him. After she came back to reality and saw what she had done she became extremely sad and depressed. "It looks like a heart. He stated cautiuosly. "EEEEEEEEEEE"! Nurse squealed in delight. "Here. you can have it!!" Nurse yipped. She then skipped away. Marrionette stared at his "gift" curiously. It was kind of a cool gift he supposed. He put the heart inside a box and had one of the lower level minions take it to his room. Now he had to prepare Chet for the game of his life. Marrionette led Chet to a special game room; the instructions were simple...just spin the dial to get your prize.

Chet was thrilled. Not only did he get to gorge himself on his favorite treats, he got to win a prize as well. Now some of the prizes were a bit odd...but then again this whole thing was odd..he pushed that thought aside however...they had been good to him and let him do whatever he pleased...and it was all free of charge. Chet spun the dial and it landed on Bloody Nose. Chet went to ask what Bloody Nose was when something came out of nowhere and slammed Chet full in the face. Chet's nose dissolved in a spray of blood and cartilige mixed with bone. Chet screamed and went to put his hands to his wounded nose only to find that it was a bloody gaping maw. He was hit enough that it busted straight through his upper jaw so all that was left was an open bloody mouth. Ironically he was still alive but in terible pain. To open his mouth brought on terrible leave it closed hurt like hell. He began to cry. He wanted to go home to his parents...he was beginning to wish he never came here in the first place. As he lay dying, he turned his gaze upward to a new face. It looked like a nurse. Nurse curiously stared at him her head cocked to one side a slight smile played on her red lips. "You got a bloody nose huh?" She asked quizzily. She plopped down beside him and rested a hand gently on his chest. "Messy. Hey....can I have this being as you won't need it much anymore." Before he could answer Nurse pulled a tooth that had been severly jammed into his uppergum from the impact his nose recieved violently loose. Chet shrieked more in terror than pain.

"I'd put you out but The Engineer says you are gonna be least parts of you are." Sides' your mom and dad don't even really know where you went to cuz you never were smart enough to tell.....HEY YOU GOTS PRETTY EYES!!" Nurse cried out happily just before she removed them with her bare hands. Chet's reply was a long drawn out scream. Shortly after (about a week later) Moneybaggs told his employees they were relocating to a new area. Too much suspicion was starting to arise he had told them. They would know of the area when they got sooner. As they drove away in several vans Marrionette sat in the back on a makeshift seat....Nurse sat beside him resting her head on his shoulders. "You wanna help me operate next time?" She asked softly. Marrionette was surprised....usually no one ever asked for his help..."Uh yeah sure." He said happily. "Who are we gonna operate on?" He asked. "That guy Moenybaggs is picking up; he just don't know it yet." Nurse replied sweetly. The 17 year old that hopped in the van with Moneybaggs was greatful for the ride. "Whats yer name buck-o" He asked happily. "Briandon. I'm going to visit my see it was about a year ago today my younger brother Derrick was abducted and killed. We are gonna go pay respects to his folks do this every year." He answered.

the end


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