my friend was a mod

2009-11-18 17:21:58 by cATbYtE

My friend was a mod on here a while back (before he got perma-banned) and was on here before I was and he got me to sign up for an account... and he was going to let me see his mod account and see how the mods view things being as they have more options than us. I signed onto his account and liked what I saw...pretty sweet my opinion. Though the ability to lock and delete posts were pretty cool and the ban user option was pretty awesome as well. (he made sure I didnt accidently press anything to ban a user accidently or lock/delete topics that didn't need to be locked. I loved the options he had....he even told me that he had the option of deciding how many days a ban lasted. Fuckng Awesome!!!! I asked him if I could be "mod" while he isn't on and he said that it wasn't a good idea...mainly because he wasn't even supposed to tell me his password. Well...he got perma-banned and de-modded (for what I do not know...he wouldn't say) I tried to sign ont o his account a few times in the past but it wouldn't let me though. (thats how I found out about his perma-ban). It was pretty awesome though. He don't come here much anymore.


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