My friend and his idiocy

2009-11-17 16:20:54 by cATbYtE

About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine was banned for spamming the bbs forums with nonsense. Well the idiot went on to his alt account being as his main was banned and he went to sign on and it said No User of that name exists in our data banks. He tried to sign on with his main account and it said the same thing. He asked me about it and I said that both of his accounts had been deleted and that he needs to open a new account and start over. Understandibly he was pissed off being as his main account he was level 36 and his whistle was golden. So he lost EVERYTHING!!!! He asked me how the hell did they find out and I replied that he probrably gave himself away or id'd himself somehow. Anyways he's pissed off
so I told him if he rejoins again and makes an alt...if he wants to sign in on his alt if his main is banned then he shouldn;t say or do anything to id himself in any way.


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