2009-11-16 18:14:45 by cATbYtE

My ban ends today and I am FUCKING PISSED!!! I got banned for posting in a spam topic titled "fun with the boys-nsfw". Big fucking deal right??? Now I know hella people posted replies on there. What I wnat to know is do the people that posted replies get the same fucking 3 day ban as I did or are they randomly picked?? FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!! Over half the topics in General forums are spam and I don't see any bullshit going on over it. Why don't they just fucking make a spam topic and let it go at that being as they are just going to contimue to make spam topcis no matter how much they are removed. I know you aren't supposed to complain about a ban but FUCK IT!!! Its not on the forums its on the user page!!! Don't fucking tell me you can get banned for that shit too!!!!


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2009-11-16 18:46:34

You probably got a longer ban than some of the other users who posted in that thread because your post count is low. I would probably get a ban lasting around 8 hours it's true. I get longer bans with my alt which is level 4 and has under 50 posts. The ban could be for the same reason like posting in a spam thread, but my alt will still get banned for longer. So yeah and stuff